Principal Software Engineer and Manager, China Operations

Bob Feng is Logile’s Principal Software Engineer and Manager of China Operations, in this role he has been the chief contributor in Sales and Labor Planning, Enterprise Standards Management and Performance Reporting. Bob is responsible for leading the China team, he and the other Team China members have been working passionately and providing 24/7 service to promise delivery on aggressive deadlines, ensure satisfaction of our customers and enhance the quality of our products.

Bob joined Logile in 2012 and brings phenomenal technical knowledge in web applications. He has a rich experience and great understanding of Rich Client Program, Java frameworks and relational databases. Prior to joining Logile, Bob worked as software development department manager for Dareway which is among the top 100 software enterprises in China and provides software outsourcing service.

Bob has a Bachelor of Computer science and technology from Shandong University which is a member of 985 projects at China.

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