Senior Director, Applications Engineering

Dr. Ximing Zhang is Logile’s Senior Director, Applications Engineering, and in that role provides thought leadership and technical direction to assure that Logile’s labor management, task management and execution compliance software suite remains at the leading edge of functionality and responsiveness to market demands.

Dr. Zhang joined Logile in 2007. During his time with Logile, he has assumed the leadership role in the design and development of Logile’s labor forecasting and optimized scheduling solution, as well as EC5, Logile’s task management and execution compliance solution. Prior to joining Logile, Dr. Zhang held senior software engineering positions in several communications companies in both the United States and Canada, including Tekelec, Verizon  and CrossKeys Systems.

Dr. Zhang is the author of several papers published in scientific journals. He received his Ph.D from Eindhoven University of Technology – Max-Planck-Institute for Metal Research. Dr. Zhang pursued his undergraduate degree studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing, a leading institution of higher education in the People’s Republic of China.

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