Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Purna brings a long and successful history of technological and entrepreneurial leadership to Logile. He is a visionary force in enterprise workforce management and optimization. In 2001, Purna authored “Enterprise Workforce Management Creates Proactive Environment to Optimize Labor Resources”, which was published by Montgomery Research, Inc. Purna’s advocacy of agile, real-time solutions revolutionized the way in which enterprise workforce applications are conceived and available in the market today.

Purna began his career at Carnegie Group, affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, which pioneered the concept that led to the development of supply chain management. He joined American Airlines, developing and implementing real-time aircraft maintenance planning and scheduling solutions. Eager to apply his logistics management ideas and solutions to workforce management, Purna founded SoftThought Systems, Inc. in 1994, where he led the design and introduction of FDS, a workforce labor scheduling solution that forged the use of optimized planning and scheduling algorithms to efficiently generate accurate business forecasts, labor demand and employee schedules. Leading retailers, including Price Chopper, H-E-B, SUPERVALU and Food Lion selected FDS. Its continued use by leaders in the retail industry is evidence of Purna’s farsighted design philosophy.

Purna’s leadership in workforce management solutions continued after SoftThought was acquired in 2000 by Timera, a leading developer of crew management solutions in the rail industry that wished to expand its scope and technical excellence. As President of its Timera Texas subsidiary, Purna led the evolution of the next generation real-time enterprise workforce management solution, EWM, and positioned it as the industry leading workforce management solution for retailers. The EWM solution was selected by leading retailers, including H-E-B, Dollar Tree and, after acquisition by JDA Software in 2004, 7-Eleven and Belk department stores as well as other retailers. Timera Texas had over 50 employees and more than 25 customers at the time its workforce management suite was acquired by JDA Software in 2004. At JDA, Purna served as Vice President for Workforce Management Solutions.

At Logile Purna continues his history of technological innovation in workforce and execution management solutions. Logile’s solutions meld workforce and execution management tools to create sophisticated agile, real-time solutions that can be deployed with minimal end-user training. Utilizing agile SOA and EDA architecture and web 2.0 technology, Logile’s solutions incorporate the latest techniques in planning, scheduling, artificial intelligence, operations research, distributed object, web service, software engineering and business process management (BPM).

Purna holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, a leading engineering and technology institute in the Republic of India.

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