If you are a college student pursuing a degree in computer science or industrial engineering and would like to enhance your classroom education with real world work, Logile’s internship program may be for you.

Logile is selective. Each internship is tailored to best match the needs of our business with your skills, interests and needs.

Computer science interns will use the very latest software development tools and methodologies and will work directly with Logile’s veteran developers and analysts, and collaborate with international project team members. Interns may need to travel to our customers’ sites and to Logile’s facilities in Richardson, Texas.

Industrial engineering interns will work directly with Logile’s seasoned IE professionals to help solve the complex challenges of our Tier 1 retail customers.

Logile is committed to providing each intern with an experience that is meaningful, educational, productive, gratifying and fun.

If you would like more information, contact us directly at or call us at 972-550-6000.

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