Mike Clawson

Logile demonstrated their unique ability to improve our operating efficiency by generating very accurate sales and labor forecasts and by scheduling our hosts at the task level across all of our stores’ departments. The increased efficiency and more precise staffing will allow our hosts to spend more time engaging with guests and in making their shopping a true pleasure and not a task.

Mike ClawsonSenior Vice President, Lowes Foods
Jamie Edwards

To support the implementation of Logile’s software solutions, we have engaged Logile’s retail industrial engineers to work directly with our corporate and store leaders and hosts to implement the proven principles of 5-S Workplace Organization, Efficient Work Methods, and Engineered Labor Standards in all of our stores. The results of our collaboration will yield greater productivity, customer service, safety, and host job satisfaction and personal ownership.

Jamie EdwardsManager of Labor Scheduling, Lowes Foods
Brian Monaco

… we are running the lowest labor rate ever in our company, the highest sales per labor hour in the company’s history, we have the highest customer satisfaction ever, and our safety incidences are at our lowest in company history.”

Brian MonacoManager of Customer Service, Price Chopper
Rich Ryczek

The team at Logile… those folks have great experience in retail and in the world of IT, and they bring together the grassroots relatedness to the business process…

Rich RyczekBusiness Process Engineering Leader, Delhaize America
Brian Monaco

We really wanted to look for somebody who could complement what we already had, reduce redundancies and being able to really listen what our goal was, and how could we get there with some of the systems and data that we already had, without duplicating that.

Brian MonacoManager of Customer Service, Price Chopper
Oscar Gonzalez

Based on Logile’s trusted reputation in the retail industry, we have engaged them to work directly with our leaders and store associates to implement 5-S workplace organization and more efficient work methods in each of our departments. We are pleased that they will combine their deep retail experience and our valued associates’ ideas to improve productivity, safety, and our customers’ shopping experiences.

Oscar GonzalezCo-President, Northgate Gonzalez Markets
Tom Herman

We were particularly interested in finding a solution and more importantly, an experienced business partner that would significantly improve the accuracy of our sales and labor forecasting and provide the detail necessary to support the staffing and scheduling of our associates, across all departments, using store-specific engineered labor standards that are appropriate for our varied store configurations.

Tom HermanChief Experience Officer, Northgate Gonzalez Markets
Jim Abbatemarco

Logile worked with us to configure their solution to meet our unique business needs. As a result, our store health enthusiasts have found the solution to be easy to use, helpful in streamlining communication, and effective for planning and executing activities that support their ability to deliver world-class and personalized customer service.

Jim AbbatemarcoVice President Retail Operations, The Vitamin Shoppe
David Golub

We now have an enterprise solution that allows us to understand our labor costs from the chain level down to the sub department level. With this detailed understanding, we effectively plan our annual labor budgets and also optimize our sales and labor plans for each of the periods and weeks based on updated sales, volume forecasts and customers’ current shopping behaviors.

David GolubVice President - Store Operations, Golub Corporation
Jim Killian

The decision to replace our legacy WFM software with Logile’s solution was an easy one to make. The Logile team demonstrated their superiority by using two years of our historical sales and item movement data to produce very accurate forecasts (at 15 minute intervals) and then they generated employee schedules that allowed us to leverage our key employees to work across multiple departments. Their combination of incredibly accurate forecasting and automated scheduling has enabled us to schedule the right employees, performing the right tasks at the right times in every department. Their solutions have enabled us to improve our operating efficiency while simultaneously improving customer service throughout our stores.  Our employees have also been delighted with Logile’s employee self-service solution that allows them to use their personal mobile devices to check their work schedules, submit time off requests, swap and bid on shifts, and to see their time clock entries, hours worked, and gross pay  in real time.

Jim KillianDirector - Workforce Management
David Golub

Logile’s solution gives us a way to effectively utilize the engineered labor standards that we developed using H.B. Maynard’s StandardsPro Retail application, benefitting us across our growing enterprise. We agree with Logile’s unique vision that an engineered labor model is central to real-time labor management and execution.

David GolubVice President - Store Operations, Golub Corporation
Mike M. Connolly

Logile’s solution offers us the opportunity to ask ‘What if’? for various possible scenarios, in response to points of congestion, or unplanned events. The solution also tracks and records post-evaluation feedback regarding what was planned vs. what reallly happened and is used for reference, trend analysis, and reports, permitting managers to determine the quality of execution, adherence to the primary plan and quantification of plan exceptions.

Mike M. ConnollySenior AVP - Network Integration and Scheduling, Union Pacific Railroad
David Golub

We use Logile’s solution to accurately model our labor, plan and schedule our key labor resources, to execute and comply with our established preferred methods. This will allow us to respond with speed and precision to the ever changing demands of retail.

David GolubVice President - Store Operations, Golub Corporation
Dave Meyer

We see opportunity to add value for our guests and employees due to the implementation of Logile’s solution. It’s taken us from a hodgepodge of Excel spreadsheets and Access databases with data imported and exported from multiple applications to a fully integrated and effective process.

Dave MeyerVP of Operations and Retail Support Services at Coborn’s
Steve Lehto

Logile’s opportunity assessment methodology was comprehensive and inclusive. Their industrial engineers worked alongside our managers and studied the work in our stores. With this understanding, they designed and tested more efficient work methods and quantified the payroll impact of implementing these changes.

Steve LehtoReasor’s EVP/Chief Operating Officer
John Neuberger

Our store associates teamed up with Logile’s industrial engineers to study the work, identify opportunities, and to model improvements that were then adopted and rolled out to all stores. By using Logile’s labor planning software, we leverage the use of store characteristics, engineered labor standards, and product movement data to develop accurate labor budgets that are both transparent and supported by our store management teams.

John NeubergerVice President of Operational Administration, Weis’

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