Fiesta Mart completes implementation of Logile Inc.’s Enterprise Labor Planning and Workforce Management solution

Houston, Texas

Fiesta Mart has completed their implementation of Logile Inc.’s Enterprise Labor Planning and Workforce Management solution across their chain of 72 supermarkets in Texas.

“In April 2016, we signed on with Logile to replace our legacy workforce management system (i.e. labor scheduling and time and attendance) and made it clear that the implementation had to be completed in all 72 stores prior to Thanksgiving. Logile accepted the challenge and beat our deadline by three weeks, implementing an improved solution that is providing Fiesta Mart with all of the benefits we were expecting,” said Mike Byars, President and CEO.

Tim Krueger, Manager of Labor Scheduling at Fiesta Mart shared “We were particularly interested in finding a solution that improved the accuracy of our forecasting and provided the staffing and scheduling functionality to support wall-to-wall scheduling of all our associates with detailed, store-specific work standards.

We selected Logile based on their ability to model labor using detailed engineered labor standards and store-specific characteristics to profile each department in all stores. This aids in establishing store specific labor staffing plans for all our store departments. We were also very impressed with the accuracy of Logile’s forecasting engine and scheduling effectiveness. Their reporting capabilities helped make it easier for our store teams to manage the transition from our legacy system to the Logile system.

Logile’s technical team supported every step of the rollout through data acquisition, system integration and software configuration while working in parallel, Logile’s best practice engineers helped with implementing 5-S workplace organization in the stores and defined and documented best methods for improving productivity, associate safety, food safety, and customer satisfaction.”

Tim Krueger further continued “With implementation of these core capabilities in place, Fiesta Mart is taking advantage of accurate forecasting for more effective work plans and schedules. The ability to track week-in-progress results versus the plan allows us the ability to make proactive adjustments where needed. The solution and the labor management foundation will be key for us to begin building true task-based wall-to-wall staffing and scheduling in 2017. These are essential to Fiesta Mart’s emphasis on customer satisfaction, associate satisfaction and top line sales growth through better utilization of labor resources.”

Rick Schlenker, Logile’s EVP of Sales and Marketing said “As a solution provider, Logile remains committed and focused on the success of our retail clients. Mike Byars, Tim Krueger and the other leaders at Fiesta Mart shared their requirements for improving the accuracy of their forecasting and for improving the effectiveness of scheduling their associates. New work methods and solution capabilities were explained to be essential for supporting Fiesta Mart’s bold merchandising and customer service initiatives that have resulted in increased customer satisfaction and sales growth. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Fiesta Mart’s team and help them meet their requirements ahead of schedule. It is retailers like Fiesta Mart that have put Logile at the top of the RIS vendor leader board as the best provider for workforce management software in the retail industry for two years running and we are honored to have them as our customer.”

About Fiesta Mart

Fiesta Mart Inc. is an American supermarket chain based in Houston, Texas that was established in 1972. Fiesta Mart operates 72 retail stores located in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin Texas, serving customers from over ninety countries of origin with a vast variety of dry grocery and perishable products.

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