Many companies want to replace demand forecasts, which are generated by multiple disparate forecasting systems, with a central discipline approach, where one version of the demand forecast is determined and can be effectively used across the organization or, where at least all forecasting systems share the same assumptions. Logile has developed a solution using its forecasting engine and proprietary algorithms, to generate a single and accurate demand forecast. The demand forecast can be shared across an organizations’ constituents to reduce costs, maximize revenue and optimize profitability. Further, different forecasting systems can be built on the common forecasting algorithms and assumptions.

Logile’s unique approach to demand forecasting can be shared across your different departments such as:

  • Price Optimization
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Business and Financial Planning
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Merchandize Planning
  • Assortment, Size, Packaging and Space Planning
  • Revenue and Ad Profitability Planning
  • Mark-Down Planning
  • Replenishment Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Omni-Channel Forecasting
  • Computer Generated/Assisted Ordering
  • Perpetual Inventory/Inventory Optimization

An integral part of our solution offerings, Demand and Revenue Planning is the perfect tool for organizations to reduce costs, maximize revenue and optimize profitability. Its inherent ability to share a single demand forecast across all departments, coupled with our advanced Forecasting Workbench, make it an easy choice for your forecasting needs.

– Purna Mishra
  Founder & CEO, Logile Inc.


Demand Forecasting

Supports generating most accurate forecast for sales, SKU, individual and consolidated UPCs to support forecasting need across the retail chain. Use multiple algorithms and guidelines for selecting the most appropriate algorithms to create and improve forecasting accuracy.

Real-Time Re-Forecasting™

Real-time insight into current trends that lets your managers make adjustments to keep plans and actual results in alignment. Re-forecast recommendations are stored for future refinements in scheduling decisions and algorithms updates.

Promotion Profitability Planner™

Insight into all aspects of profitability as you develop promotion campaigns allowing you to optimize your plan and results. Leverages the Enterprise Labor Model™ and Sales and Labor Planning™ solution to help develop and optimize promotion planning.

Performance Management and Reporting

Provides effective real-time reporting of key performance indicators. Report templates allow your managers to access frequently used reports, while you can create your own templates and reports independently without IT help.


Professional Services

Logile assigns an experienced account manager to work with your team and determine the services that best complement your existing resources and capabilities – including analyzing requirements, identifying gaps, defining project and resource plans, streamlining processes, integrating data and managing risk, change and communication.


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