Enterprise Standards Manager™

Enterprise Standards Manager™ (ESM) is a comprehensive tool to build and maintain engineered labor standards for your organization. At your option, work is measured using any of the industry standard work measurement techniques, including BasicMOST®, time study and work sampling. ESM™ supports tasks across mobile platforms, helps maximize speed and performance and also provides advanced analytics.

Enterprise Labor Model™

Optimizing store performance, without sacrificing customer service, requires knowledge and understanding of your labor requirements. Enterprise Labor Model™ (ELM™), the nucleus of our comprehensive labor planning and execution management system, gives you complete insight into your true labor requirements and costs based on your unique go-to-market strategy.

ELM™ is the complete repository for all data required to understand, analyze and plan your labor; it supports effective dating and integrates seamlessly with your internal or third party budgeting and planning tools.

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