Many companies face challenges associated with timely execution of key strategic initiatives, while ensuring that daily tasks are performed and in compliance. Rather than helping, sending more emails and making more phone calls to employees introduces distractions and further clouds employees’ understanding of priorities.

Logile’s execution and communication software provides a consistent structure and methodology for employees, while clearly communicating information and priorities. Our systems deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time to ensure on-time execution and compliance. Implementation is quick and results are immediate.


EC5™ Task Execution and Communication Management

Provides a structured process to make sure your employees know what is expected and gives your managers an easy to use tool to monitor compliance.

Food Safety Compliance Management

Complete insight into your true labor requirements and costs. It is the critical foundation for developing effective labor plans, using your preferred work methods, engineered labor standards and unique store and department characteristics.

Performance Management and Reporting

Provides effective real-time reporting of key performance indicators. Report templates allow your managers to access frequently used reports, while you can create your own templates and reports independently without IT help.


Professional Services

Logile assigns an experienced account manager to work with your team and determine the services that best complement your existing resources and capabilities – including analyzing requirements, identifying gaps, defining project and resource plans, streamlining processes, integrating data and managing risk, change and communication.


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