The Point of Sale transaction is about more than just completing the sale. This interaction is your organization’s last chance to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Your organization can use our Queuing Analytics application to study the behavior of your customers, or our retail industrial engineers can leverage the application as part of our Rapid Opportunity Assessment, adding our vast retail experience to the equation to provide valuable insights in order to:

  • Better utilize staff during the checkout process
  • Determine the correct mix of queue offerings – regular, express, dynamic express, self-checkout, returns, department specific (i.e. Women’s, Housewares, etc.)
  • Measure customer traffic and determine the queue demand at different points in the day, week and month, as well as for specific calendar events and promotional activities
  • Develop more efficient methods for checkout associates to use
  • Measure customer satisfaction and implement programs to increase it


Understanding the decisions that your customers are making throughout this period – What queue should I enter? Should I make an impulse buy? Is it worth it to wait at all? – are critical to modifying your POS processes and management strategy. Point of Sale systems are great for capturing extensive amounts of data, but they cannot account for everything that happens throughout transactions, or anything that happens prior to your customers beginning a transaction.

Use our application to study your customers’ experiences while checking out, gaining insight such as:

  • How much time on average are customers waiting in the queue?
    How many checkout lanes are open at certain times of day and what is the queue length?
  • Do the customers need dedicated vs express cashiers?
  • Does a store need dedicated express or dynamic express lanes?
  • What is the best bagging service at different times of the day and days of the week?
  • Do the customers need assistance with removing their merchandise from the store?
  • Do promotional activities and holiday seasons require different cashiering activities with different productivities?
  • How much customer engagement occurs throughout the transaction?
  • Did your customers look at the merchandise positioned around the checkout while in the queue?

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