Gain insight into what happens within the four walls of your stores, allowing your organization to make critical decisions to provide the best shopping experience for your customers and the best working conditions for your employees while maximizing profit for your stores. Through our Rapid Opportunity Assessment, we offer a customized approach to help your organization analyze the constraints impacting your business and provide specific initiatives to address the limiting challenges.

We can utilize our ROA process in order to:

  • Evaluate your existing standards, best practices, tools and technologies and evaluate the constraints and challenges
  • Understand the utilization, performance, and adherence to prescribed methods of your workforce
  • Quantify the opportunity for labor savings by implementing industry preferred methods
  • Determine the effectiveness of management processes, tools and technologies and implement corrective measures
  • Determine how your company can influence customer behavior in your store to drive sales
  • Measure your current levels of customer service and develop strategies for increasing customer satisfaction
  • Analyze operations in your checkout process to optimize work methods, staffing, and utilization of resources


Our approach for quantifying the opportunity to improve the efficiency of your organization’s workforce focuses on calculating your Labor Productivity Index (LPI). Determining your LPI through measuring the current Utilization, Methods, and Performance metrics of your workforce allows us to compare your productivity to industry benchmarks and assess your largest areas of opportunity.

Our team of retail industrial engineers will leverage our Workforce Productivity application and work within your stores to:

  • Measure the Utilization of your workforce through direct store observations, providing insight on workforce utilization by day of week, time of day, job role, department, or any other manner in which your subject matter experts and our team deem beneficial for your specific needs.
  • Analyze the Methods that are being used by your workforce to complete work and use our industrial engineering techniques and expertise in retail methodology to identify preferred methods, quantifying the opportunity for your entire organization through the use of pre-determined time and motion systems.
  • Assess the Performance of your workforce through objective rating of their skill and effort, defined respectively as the proficiency of a worker at following a given method and the drive of a worker to expend his energy on the job.


Understanding management effectiveness means understanding the impact of the processes and tools your company has put in place to manage the workforce, communication and other labor initiatives. Our approach revolves around leveraging our retail experience and performance management approach while working with your store leadership to evaluate Management Effectiveness of the organization across the following perspectives:

  • The tools and applications have at their disposal to Enable the workforce to succeed
  • The standards and culture in place to properly set the Expectations for the workforce
  • The process for Assessment of workforce performance based on the established expectations
  • The action that is taken once assessment has been completed to both maintain desired performance and drive improvement where necessary


Customer behavior cannot simply be captured and analyzed through data that has been automatically captured through different systems in your stores.

How much time is your average customer spending in your stores? What is the most common path your customers take while shopping? How many items are they touching? Are your promotions and merchandising attracting the views that you think they are?

Depending on the goals of your organization we will develop and conduct an assessment to capture metrics critical to understanding into your customers shopping experience and their behavior, and how you could influence that behavior by offering a better shopping experience.

Our custom approach can help correlate sales to a myriad of customer insights including the service they received while shopping, customer demographics, response to in-store promotions and merchandising, time spent in the store and specific departments, and many more. We will work with your organization to create and conduct an assessment using our Customer Experience application to gain additional insights that will help you to address the constraints limiting your goals. Whether it’s increasing customer time spent within your stores, driving customer traffic to high-margin merchandise, or another applicable strategy, we will work with your organization to gain these insights and turn them into measurable action plans to improve the customer shopping experience and increase customer service, thus maximizing sales lift.


The strategies that your organization have in place for front end operations – how customers are queued, how many checkout lanes are open at certain times of day, customer engagement throughout the transaction – greatly impact your overall sales and customer satisfaction. Point of Sale systems are great for capturing extensive amounts of data, but they cannot account for everything that happens throughout transactions, or anything that happens prior to your customers beginning a transaction.

Because of our extensive retail experience we know why customers behave the way they do during the most critical junctures in your stores – either in the service lanes or completing the transaction. Through an assessment specifically tailored to your organization’s objectives, we will use our Queuing Analytics application to capture pivotal information that your POS system does not, such as balk/abandon rate, average queue length, impulse buys, and more, and correlate those metrics to your current checkout operations providing a plan for increasing sales, decreasing transaction time, and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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