Companies must continue to work smarter and more efficiently to provide customers with goods and services that consistently meet their high standards at affordable and competitive prices.

Logile’s team of professional consultants help companies organize their workplace and streamline work methods by using proven industrial engineering techniques and leveraging their experience working with many companies across multiple industries. With an organized workplace and efficient work methods in place, our engineers utilize Logile’s unique labor standards development and labor modeling software to establish the necessary foundation for effective workforce management.

5-S Workplace Organization

Organize your workplace for optimal efficiency and effectiveness utilizing the 5-S principles. Create job aids, like visual method sheets, to instill and sustain new behaviors in your employees. Fully realize and sustain the savings associated with the adoption of this service.

Preferred Work Methods

Rely on our library of hundreds of proven work methods, created out of our team’s experience working over many years with large and mid-sized retailers, manufacturers and distribution centers, to provide a strong foundation to efficiently develop work methods specific to you.

Engineered Labor Standards

Understand the true work content and time associated with performing work in your organization. Use labor standards in conjunction with specific workplace characteristics and work volume to develop objective and accurate labor plans.

Project Management

Logile assigns an experienced account manager to work with your team and determine the services that best complement your existing resources and capabilities – including analyzing requirements, identifying gaps, defining project and resource plans, streamlining processes, integrating data and managing risk, change and communication.

Rapid Opportunity Assessment

Gain insight into what happens within your stores, allowing your organization to make critical decisions to provide the best shopping experience for your customers and the best working conditions for your employees while enhancing labor productivity for your stores. Through our Rapid Opportunity Assessment, we offer a customized approach to help your organization analyze the constraints impacting your business and provide specific initiatives to address the limiting challenges.

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