By creating and implementing an organized workplace, preferred work methods and engineered labor standards, you’ve taken a big step toward cost savings and improved customer service, but you need powerful, easy to use tools to accurately operationalize labor and task planning and execution to make sure the new practices are sustained. Our industrial engineering team and our complete suite of labor planning, scheduling and task management and compliance software make sure that you reach the full potential of your investment in an efficient workplace.

Enterprise Standards Manager™

A comprehensive tool to build and maintain engineered labor standards for your organization. At your option, work is measured using any of the industry standard work measurement techniques, including BasicMOST®, time study and work sampling.

Enterprise Labor Model™

Complete insight into your true labor requirements and costs. It is the critical foundation for developing effective labor plans, using your preferred work methods, engineered labor standards and unique store and department characteristics.

Sales and Labor Planning™

Set up guidelines for selecting the most appropriate algorithms to improve forecasting accuracy. Design effective staffing plans and how service lanes, center store departments, and production planning departments be staffed during busy and non-busy time of the days.

Promotion Profitability Planner™

Insight into all aspects of profitability as you develop promotion campaigns allowing you to optimize your plan and results. Leverages the Enterprise Labor Model™ and Sales and Labor Planning™ solution to help develop and optimize promotion planning.

Wall-to-Wall Labor Scheduling

Design wall-to-wall scheduling strategies, including cross scheduling across departments and stores. Generate scheduling effectiveness reports that compare system generated schedules with those actually posted, worked and earned.

Time and Attendance

Provides employee information in real-time across the organization to enhance your ability to dynamically manage your labor resources. Keeps in mind rules, governmental regulations, and business defined policies – ensuring compliance and consistency.

Real-Time Re-Forecasting™

Real-time insight into current trends that lets your managers make adjustments to keep plans and actual results in alignment. Re-forecast recommendations are stored for future refinements in scheduling decisions and algorithms updates.

Performance Management and Reporting

Provides effective real-time reporting of key performance indicators. Report templates allow your managers to access frequently used reports, while you can create your own templates and reports independently without IT help.

EC5™ Task Execution and Communication Management

Provides a structured process to make sure your employees know what is expected and gives your managers an easy to use tool to monitor compliance.

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