The ability to measure the utilization and performance of your workforce is essential for your organization to improve how it undertakes labor scheduling and management. Our Workforce Productivity application can be used by your organization to gauge these metrics, or it can be leveraged by our industrial engineers as part of a Rapid Opportunity Assessment in order to:

  • Determine your organization’s overall labor productivity
  • Measure how well your workforce follows prescribed methods for completing tasks and develop plans to drive adherence
  • Calculate the performance of your workforce through objective ratings of skill and effort
  • Assess the utilization of your workforce and determine the largest areas for improvement


Your organization can generate the exact amount of labor a store or department needs in a week, but if you do not schedule it correctly you will not achieve the desired results. And even if your organization is scheduling the correct number of labor hours currently, your workforce may be spending those hours differently than you think.

Our Workforce Productivity application will allow your organization to measure not only the utilization of specific job roles, departments, and stores, but it will enable your organization to measure exactly how that time is being spent. The web-based application enables individuals within your organization to capture and chronicle information while walking your salesfloor, and the results will answer many questions about the breakdown of how your workforce utilizes earned labor, including:

  • How accurate have the allotted service allowances been?
    What is the gap between current practices and industry best-in-class practices?
  • How much time does your workforce spend on value added versus non-value added tasks?
  • What are your highest and lowest departments in terms of utilization?
  • How has your utilization changed over time due to new initiatives and process changes?
  • Are the allowances set appropriately for different tasks in your forecasting and scheduling applications?
  • Are the correct parameters for staffing (cashier to bagger ratio, pharmacist to tech ratio, rounding and tiered rounding between tasks, etc.) set correctly?


Knowing how your workforce is performing is crucial to adjusting how your organization trains and manages employees. Using our web-based application individuals within your organization can utilize performance rating tables to objectively score the skill and effort of your workforce.

Skill and effort are defined respectively as the proficiency of a worker at following a given method and the drive of a worker to expend his energy on the job. By utilizing our application to determine these metrics, your organization will be able to analyze the results and determine if any processes need to be put in place to drive compliance and motivate employees.

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