Labor Management 101

This course provides a broad overview of Labor Management topics and best practices for improving productivity through the application of industrial engineering principles and system based solutions to support business processes around forecasting volumes, quantifying staff demand, optimized scheduling, and effective operations management.

Engineered Labor Standards for Retail

This course provides a clear understanding of the benefits of work measurement as well as the specific techniques to build and apply engineered labor standards to meet your organizational needs. Includes Work Measurement, Time and Motion Studies including the MOST technique, ESM™, Labor Modeling, and Standards Validation.

Implementing 5-S for Continuous Improvement

This course provides an overall understanding of 5-S and the 5-S process. It provides the background and techniques necessary to aid in successful implementation of 5-S in an organization. This course is specifically designed to prepare an organization for the implementation and sustenance of 5-S in a retail store environment.

Measuring and Managing Productivity

This course is designed to teach labor management personnel a process to collect observations and perform analysis to quantify three key components of productivity: Utilization, Methods and Performance. The course will review multiple process analysis methods that can be applied.

Supporting Best Practices through Visual Documentation

This course provides an introduction to the creation and implementation of visual documentation for the workplace to help support your organization’s best practices, and will assist in the training of new associates and for the coaching of existing associates to enable expected performance against a standard based time.

Understanding the Customer Experience

This course is designed to enable organizations to gain a more detailed understanding of their customer’s shopping tendencies in order to evaluate and make more effective business decisions.


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