Visual learners prefer to see what they are learning. This course provides an introduction to the creation and implementation of visual documentation for the workplace to help support your organization’s best practices. These tools will assist in the training of new associates and for the coaching of existing associates to enable expected performance against a standard based time.

The course includes basic templates and instruction in the creation of the following types of documentation:

  • Visual Method Sheets are step by step guides used to summarize the company’s preferred method for performing an activity.
  • Visual Aids reinforce the right way to do important processes. Visual aids include cooler layouts, task lists, method reminders, and label/signage formats for 5-S organization.
  • Quick Reference Guides are binders to be located within the workplace for easy reference to key functions as well as important information relative to the department including safety, food safety, and company policies.


  • Retail Labor Management personnel and project resources engaged in rollouts or updates of materials supporting 5-S, best methods or associate training.
  • Retail Leaders working to understand and integrate labor performance improvements into company best practices for any aspect of store operations, customer satisfaction, associate training and development and associate satisfaction.


Labor Management 101 (recommended)

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