This course is designed to enable organizations to gain a more detailed understanding of their customer’s shopping tendencies in order to evaluate and make more effective business decisions.

Participants will learn how to create and execute a customer journey study, a total queue to staffing study as well as a mystery shopper study. Proper application of these studies will provide critical insight into the organization’s customer base as well as its operational performance.

Insights can include, but are not limited to, customer traffic patterns, customer service levels, queue versus staffing analysis, conversion rates by department, merchandising, sampling and promotion effectiveness as well as day-to-day procedural adherence.

This course will provide an overview for how to build and perform studies mentioned above using the mobile capabilities of Logile’s data collection applications: Customer Experience, Queuing Analytics, and Workforce Productivity. Additional options for Mystery Shopper functionality will be covered using Enterprise Task Management (EC5™).


  • Importance of understanding the customer experience
  • Methodology of building and executing a Customer Journey study
  • Methodology of building and executing queue analysis studies
  • Methodology of building and executing a Mystery Shopper study
  • Tools and techniques to analyze and summarize study results


  • Any members of the organization engaged in understanding and improving Customer Satisfaction through the management of the store brand and execution of company operational and merchandising practices
  • Labor Management Executives, Engineers, Analysts or other team members
  • Individuals engaged in continuous improvement work within their organization
  • Strong analytical and Excel skills are highly recommended


Labor Management 101 (recommended)

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